My New Bag

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  1. Hi everyone, i just brought my first ever chloe paddington in light blue yesterday and im so so so so so so HAPPY:biggrin: with it! Its the perfect size and a great colour to wear with jeans. I regret waiting so long to buy it.

    If theres n e one out there thinking of getting one i so recommend doing so!

    Would love to post a pic, but dont know how:wacko:
  2. Light blue? Where from? What size? Details, details!!!
  3. Congrats! If you can figure out taking photos, we would love to see it! Enjoy it!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Congratualtions purse crazy. Don't feel like you are the only one...I don't know how to post pics either. Give us some details about the new bag.
  6. COngrats!!!

    Click on the "Manage Attachments" at the bottom of a post, it's under the text box, then just browse your PC for your photos to upload.
  7. purse crazy congrats! I had the light blue too - absolutely gorgeous! I thought it was the most stunning of all colors. I returned it for practical reasons (kept basic color) but if I won the lottery I'd get it back in a heartbeat! You're right - it's so perfect with jeans... enjoy!
  8. COngrats!!!
  9. Oooh! Where are the pics? I can't wait to see it! It sounds wonderful!
  10. Oh oh oh!!! I returned my light blue because the shape was not right for me, but I SOOOOOOOO miss the color! I have even thought of buying it again (if I could find it...I think Styledrops still has one) because I love the color so much! Congrats on your first Chloe! If you can figure out how to post pics (it's really easy once you figure it out) I would love to see some!
  11. i think the light blue is the mousse. has it. a bit pricey though.
  12. If it's the same one that I saw, it is the jeans moyen/blue clair. It has gold hardware. The mousse is a grey-green (sometimes photographs with a bit of blue) and has silver hardware. The mousse is GORGEOUS! But I don't think Styledrops has a mousse yet. LVR does, though.
  13. Totally happy for you girl! Congrats!!
  14. I saw a light-blue med Paddy satchel at the Chloe boutique @ South Coast Plaza (in Costa Mesa, CA) Maybe you can give them a call 714-481-0308 I don't know if it was the Jeans Moyen or Mousse - I can't recall what color the hardware was...I saw it last night...
  15. you're right. sorry. different shade. different hardware.

    on it's the jeans / blue claire (sp.?) and mousse is on LVR.
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