My New Bag!!!! YEAH!!

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  1. Just wanted to share the awesome deal I got yesterday at the Woodbury Common outlet..... I picked up an Hampton Vintage Lindsay for $279.99 !!!:yahoo:I am soo excited. The SA said they just came in and there were only two left!!! She is sooo beautiful I don't even want to use her!!! I'll try to post pics later.
  2. Congratulations!!! The Lindsay is so pretty! I jut got to peek at her in my outlet, it already was on charge hold for somebody :smile: I have that problemm with some of my bags, i find them too beautiful to wear LoL!
  3. what color lindsay did you get?
  4. :yahoo: That is a fantastic find! I cannot wait to see pictures. What color?
  5. I'll try to post some pics, I'm waiting for my camera battery to charge.:sad: It's not a dark black, bu not a grey color either. Maybe you girls would know, it doesn't say on the tag the exact color. I think this bag might have created a Coach bag monster !!:cloud9:
  6. Is it the petrol one?? What's the color code on the tag (ex:B4/TE), something like that...?
  7. It must be espresso...I have one and LOVE it!
  8. Espresso looks almost like black, look on the price tag it will have a color code on it.