my new bag/tote

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  1. hey all! although i have never been a huge fan of the burberrry plaid, although i think the bags are great and durable and they look great on people, i happened to find this tote the other day in bloomingdales and it looks so great and holds everything and it's as light as a feather...just wanted to share it all w/ you!![​IMG]
  2. Glad you did! Looks like a smart, functional tote! Wear in good health and enjoy!
  3. I've heard rave reviews about Burberry's packable tote. Enjoy it!
  4. I have one, but its plaid (I have the plum color). I love it, its such a great bag for school!!! And its great when its raining, the nylon doesn't soak through (well I wouldn't bring it out in a downpour). Enjoy it!!
  5. it's cute! i need a new throwaround bag.....hmmm :P
  6. I just ordered this in plum. Glad to hear you love it!
  7. i saw it in plum...goegeous!
  8. nice bag :smile:
  9. Congrats great everyday bag!
  10. Great bag for when its raining too!
  11. So cute. I saw a lady with one today and she looked great
  12. I love these totes! Congrats on a great choice!
  13. I bougth mine last year at Saks right before Black Friday and it became the go to bag while we were shopping that weekend. Ever since, it is my weekend bag and it is still holding strong. It is so comfortable to carry and understated in its own way!!!

    Congrats on getting yours!!
  14. I love that bag congrats!
  15. i love these! i was thinking of getting one... congrats