My new bag stinks :(

  1. I just bought a beautiful Louis Vuitton Mahina, all looks ok, as described, but it has the most awful musty smell, apparently it was stored and unused/new since 2007, well it smells like possibly either stale tobacco, wet dog, or humidity has got to it. I totally love the bag, how can I get rid of the smell. It's not the usual obvious Hong Kong mildew that LV monogram bags are often sold with, it's a bit different, but still musty.

    I've emailed the seller, any ideas on how to get the smell out, I sprayed perfume but the smell is inside and out.... :sad:
  2. Turn the bag inside out, spray the lining with Febreze and leave it to try outside (preferably in the direct sunlight).
  3. I would suggest doing the same as the above poster, however in my experience Fabreeze doesn't work. Instead of Fabreeze try spraying vodka on the inside. Don't worry, vodka doesn't smell so you won't walk around smelling like a drunk. ;)
  4. I always use this thing called carpet deodoriser. Powder it all over the inside, zip it up for a few days, then vacuum it off and air it out! Works all the time!
  5. Thanks, I think I'll get some febreeze and Vodka tomorrow! I'm a bit scared to use carpet deodoriser because the lining is suede :/ might not be able to get it all off.

    I've gased out my bathroom with perfume and have hung it up overnight, but I really don't want that good smell covering bad smell thing either. It's just so strong. So disappointing when it was supposed to be new.
  6. What would you do in regards to the seller. I've politely mentioned that it has an odour, which they will no doubt say they never noticed :rolleyes: Would you return for odour, I'm worried it's mould and i'll never get it out. The seller was really nice, but I did specifically asked about odour before I bid, I always do, and this one is so obvious.....
  7. Ooh! Never heard of/tried using Vodka! Will keep that in mind next time this happens to me too!

    Edit: And no, I would not return it if I can deal with fixing it up. (I'm always one to avoid a confrontation)
  8. oh! I just found febreeze in the cupboard and have lightly sprayed the inside but the outside smells worse I don't think it will go through anyway.

    I wish I could figure out exactly what the smell is, if it's festered mould I don't want it :sad:
  9. I just read the thread DS, thanks :smile: I don't know if it's sold in Australia, if I can find it I'll definitely try it, I wouldn't mind if it smelt like perfume, I just can't stand the thought of mildew in my bag, especially one i Just paid $3k for. Hmmm.... is Dallas a humid place? how could a brand new, perfect bag, stored since 2007, would mould get into a cupboard? It almost smells like musty dirt?.....but it's clean and pristine, and I can't see any sign of mould and the bag is gris, but if I smell the perforations i can smell that odour.
  10. Vodka is pretty effective. There's a LOT it can be used for actually. And you can get the cheap kind at drug stores and it works fine.

    I wouldn't do perfume...too many chemicals and it doesn't take the smell away so you may end up with a perfumed wet dog/tobacco/stale smell.
  11. I'd agree with DivineMissM, vodka rocks! ;)

    Febreeze might leave a funny smell on LVs. And eau parfum just won't do.
  12. I wouldn't do febreeze or carpet powder. Things that might stain it. Maybe vodka. Or I would try putting a box of baking soda in it or dryer sheets. However as far as the seller she is lucky that you are even thinking about keeping it. This could be a SNAD if the odor was not mentioned. I would atleast request a partial refund.
  13. Sorry OP, once you started spraying the bag with things, that changes the condition it was shipped in to you from the seller, thus invalidating your options for a return.
  14. There's places like bag borrow or steal. That will take out odors for you. i forget some of the other sites that do it as well