my new bag stinks!

  1. i bought my first expensive (to me) handbag yesterday. it is the medium stretch slouch in crimson. i like it. but it stinks. i cannot stand the smell. do you think the smell will dissipate? or should i return it? :sos:
  2. Oh no! That is horrible! Is it the leather or the lining that smells? Can you tell? I've found that the smell of leather tends to dissipate over time, but that the smell of certain dyes in other materials tend not to. I had a cute jacket once that smelled of the dye and I hoped that smell would go away. It never did.

    My opinion, however, is that you should return the bag. You should love an expensive bag right off the bat and should want to carry it always. You may not be as happy if your bag continues to smell, and that would be just too bad.
  3. I say return it...
    can you check them out IRL first?
    Another bag may not smell as bad? I hope !
  4. i bought it irl! but i just didnt think to smell it first. i think i am going to return it tomorrow. i dont love it. but i am desperate for a red bag and i cant find one anywhere! :sad: any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  5. If it's going to bother you that much, return it. Perhaps you can find something in a similar style that doesn't stink. It must be something that was used to treat the leather. Seems like I have heard about this before with some other designer bags (Dior Gaucho, LV Mandarin Epi).
  6. I don't blame you for returning it. I have bought Betsey Johnson one time..and the leather bag smelled like plastic. I thought for $300+, I ought to have a bag that smelled right. So I returned it! And I won't buy Betsey again...