My New Bag *special thanks to Jag*

  1. Ladies & Gentlemen......I am proud to present the newest addition to my Hermes collection. I've been eyeing a canvas H bag for everyday use for awhile. The Garden Tote wasnt really my style :confused1: so I was procrastinating a bit...

    Then I saw Jag's posting about bags at Neiman. She introduced me to a great new SA at Troy Neiman Marcus that was super helpful to me. I managed to score a great new bag at an awesome price and establish a new SA relationship:tup:. So special thanks go out to Jag!

    Here she is......Shoulder Herbag (hehe I get 2 bags for the price of 1!!:woohoo:)
    z126427885.jpg z126427985.jpg
  2. CONGRATS on the bag! It is beautiful and Lisa an absolute sweetheart!

    Jag is the best and a horrible influence (you know I'm kidding girl!) Miss ya!!!!!
  3. Fab bag (bags lol!)! Congratulations!
  4. Ooooh, I came so close to getting that bag! From the Washington NM, right?

    Love it!!!!! Congrats!:tup:
  5. Great score! Sweet bag! I love that style! You can go dressy or casual--very nice!
  6. Beautiful bag congrats!
  7. love your herbag, wear it well!
  8. luxlover, cute bag. Congrats. :smile:
  9. Oh, I remember you went for it when Jag posted those great offers from her wonderful SA Lisa! Good for you, congratulations :tup::yes:
  10. congrats, great bag(s) The shoulder strap will be so useful. Even better that you got a good deal too.
  11. Glad you found your pretty tote!!! Enjoy.

    Piece of advice...hang onto your did say our Jag helped you, didn't you???? LOL
  12. Congratulations luxlover. Love the colours, and it is so versatile.
  13. Congrats to Luxlover, and bravo to Jag (again).
  14. Congrats! I love bags that can be worn on the shoulder!!! It's lovely!!!
  15. Gorgeous bag! Jag is the absolute best!!! :yahoo: