My new bag & question on#

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  1. Went to Nordstrom's and bought the brown/chocolate Hamptons carryall. I love the bag, and like I usually do with a new purchase, I get on the Coach website and try to print out the photo and info. to keep in my file (I'm also trying to do this to hang the pictures in my closet under the dustbag so I can identify my bags easier.) Anyhow, I can't find it on the website. Am I missing something? I see the book tote and the other carryalls, but not the one with the python/suede stripe. This is bugging me. The style# is 10262 and when I enter it, it says not found.
  2. I went to, and I think I found your new bag under the number of 10264. I clicked on the brown color and your's showed up. Congrats on your new bag!!!
  3. Did you get the medium carryall? If so it wasn't widely released and mostly special order and only certain stores/dept stores carried it.
  4. If its sold out already you won't be able to find it on
  5. No, 10264 is the book tote. This is the carryall which is shorter.
  6. Yes, I believe it's the medium carryall.
    Thanks for your help! I wasn't aware that Norstrom's gets any "special" bags. I've only done that through Coach! Good information!
  7. Oops!!:shame: Sorry.:smile:
  8. It's okay..I did the same thing when I first went to print the pic. They look VERY similiar-only the size is different. I appreciate your helpfulness:smile:
  9. :wlae:
  10. Congrats on your new beautiful bag.

    Also, that's a great idea about posting pics of the bag. I should do that. Sometimes, I open up multiple dust bags before finding the bag that I want to wear.
  11. Yes, It saves a ton of time. Especially when at the last minute in the morning I change what I want to wear and then "have" to change my bag, too!
  12. nice bag

  13. it sucks but i have to say, if you see a bag you like, and you want it in a different size, if coach doesn't have it, then Nordstroms and macys is probably where you can get it if that size exists.

    the lace studded hobo, they had it in two sizes when coach only had one.
    that hamptons stripe bag, above, they have it in that cute size

    and i just found out today, that that medium carry all, they have that in the embossed c's at macys

    worst part is that i cannot even order it with my discount.

    and macys has 10616 (other thread has pic) the carly bag...i tried to order it but it's not available till november...

  14. Congrats!