My new bag purchased and Bday gifts

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  1. hic , i can't stop myself shopping at Escada boutique . Everytime my husband give me chance to have a new bag , when he asked me " where will we go " , my answer always is " Escada " :cry: . Unfortunately , Burberry boutique is not far from Escada and this is one of my fav brand :shocked: . So.......:Push:
    The white and light pink bags i bought around a month ago . a Burberry and the Evening Escada Purse are my Bday gifts from my husband . I love all of them , love Escada most :lol: ( a small leather pen is a free gift of Escada for their special custom :cool:
  2. Love the sparkly Escada purse, it'd be perfect for evenings !
  3. Love all your bags! Never been in an Escada boutique ... I should go in next time, your bags are beautiful!
  4. Oh wow! I love the white bag and the Burberry! Congratulations and happy birthday.
  5. Congrats on your new bags! You must be from outside of the US because they don't sell the Escada sports collection here. Was dying to get some bags from last season but can't. Hubby (who works for Escada) tried to pull some strings but their buyers can't buy just one. :cry: Anyway, enjoy your new bags! And keep buying Escada! :biggrin:
  6. cute bags!!! happy birthday!!! ***hugs***
  7. What a loot:smile:) Congrats and happy birthday! Love that complimentary Escada pen!
  8. love the evening Escada! happy birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday and enjoy your new gifts! I am loving the Burberry bag. I really need to get one to add to my collection.

    Edited - to spell "one" correctly!
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