My new Bag!! Plus a load of C*** you won't believe!

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  1. I have some Store credit so I went in today looking for something to buy.. I decided that I didn't want the peyton because I don't think it will fit my fat arm comfortably :P Trying to talk myself out of it because I really only like the gunmetal for me anyway..

    I got a Bleecker Metallic Tote!

    I have been wanting a tote that will work out for me.. I hope this one does. I always have issues with the 2 straps so cross your fingers!

    I also have thought about holding on to it to see if it hits the outlets in like a month! :rolleyes:

    OH, and I sent in my Gigi for repair and the Manager tried to tell me that the seal coming off and the leather exposed was NORMAL WEAR! :shrugs: Umm.. no.. LOL! I got her to send it in anyway after she tried to make me feel stupid for even wanting to.

    Also, you won't believe this load of CRAP. They refused to give me a refund on my credit card for something that has been sent to the outlet since I bought it... even though it is NWT, I bought in that store.. and I had my original receipt and CC with me! :cursing: WTF! They made me get store credit!

    Anyway here is my bag! I love the metallic leather... it's so fun on this kinda plain bag.

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  2. i adore her!!! now the fun part....accessorizing her! tee hee hee!!!

    that is total crap about the credit though....
  3. I would have taken the bag to another store, that is garbage!!! ANd I would have gotten her named and complained! Sorry you had to deal with that!

    I am so surprised how quick certain styles go to the outlet
  5. What rule does this fall under? I've never heard that being done. You purchased it in the retail store, you have your receipt and the item is NWT. Your CC should have been!

    Your bag is gorgeous! I hope it works out for you, Enjoy!!!
  6. OOH I like :yes:
  7. LOL! I am already thinking I should return it for a Sabrina :P

    I had no idea I could order it with PCE!
  8. I saw that bag the other day. Its really cute! CONGRATS!
  9. shes beautifull, but i think i would swap for a sabrina but hey you have store credit now to getsabrina lol. thats total sh*t about not giving it back to your CC i would have caused the biggest scene in the store, they probably would have heard me outside
  10. she's gorge! :girlsigh:
  11. Wow how awful! I'm sorry you had to deal with that crap!

    Pretty bag though :smile:
  12. ew they cant do that! you should call up the manager and complain! the SA can't just arbitrarily make up a new return policy just b/c she feels like it. I definitely would have been mad if she tried that w/ me!

    Lovely bag!

  13. Unfortunately, it WAS the Manager! :sad:
  14. congrats on your bag. Why would they give you store credit, I dont think that was right.
  15. then i would be in touch with corporate because that is ridiculous! and very unfair. i would have demanded to see that new rule in writing some where...but that is just me. and i would make a huge stink....that is just BS!

    **oh and your tote is gorgeous! but if it doesn't fit you right then for sure get something that does :]]