my new bag plus a little goodie!!! pics!!!

  1. So as some of you remember in a previous post of mine that I am just getting back into the LV swing of things lol!!! A few days ago my ecru nimbus arrived and I LOVE her!!!:heart::love::heart: I have received soooo many compliments about her and I love that not every other person I see in my town is wearing the same bag as me!! It fits so much in it with a lot of extra room. Then today I went to LV looking for this bracelet that I have seen in many of the Scarlet Johansen ads and they had one left!!! The liberty print bracelet, I think its so dainty and feminine, I just love it and am going to try to find a yellow one. I have also taken advantage of Eluxury’s free shipping and ordered the LVOE scarf and transparent PM inclusion bracelet, can’t wait for them to come:yahoo: and I will post more pictures when they arrive. My next mission is to get the Suhali-S Lock Bracelet in black! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures and thanks for letting me share!!!
    bracelet.JPG close up braclet.JPG liberty print.JPG nimbus.JPG nimbus close up.JPG
  2. and two more...
    inside nimbus.JPG stuff in nimbus.JPG
  3. Your new goodies are fab.How does the ecru nimbus feel on your shoulder after a while?Does it get heavy if you put too much in it?
  4. oohhh so nice. Congrats. I love that bag . Its a beauty.
  5. This bag really has not bothered my shoulder at all, the braided shoulder strap is super comfortable!

  6. Does the bracelet stay on tight enough? When I was in Las Vegas, they had those bracelets there, but I wasn't too keen on the closure, is your's staying put?

    I'ts very pretty!!!!!
  7. Congrats! Love the Cloud bag and the Poupeé bracelet!
  8. congrats. i love the bracelt. so girly and summery
  9. Very pretty - congrats!!! Is that a medium agenda? I just ordered a small agenda and I'm hoping it is big enough - yours looks like a nice size.
  10. Good to know thanks!
  11. That bag is gorgeous! Congrats!!

    And is that a 24 dvd set I see in the background of the last picture? ;) I lovvvve 24
  12. amazing bag
  13. Congrats, love both of them :smile:
  14. You know when I first saw the bracelet I was really nervous about the closure, but its seems pretty secure and I do jewelery checks throughout the day to make sure everything is still with me lol, I am paranoid about losing jewelry. Do you remember what colors they had in Vegas? I am looking for the yellow one too!

  15. Its a small filofax agenda, not an LV, sorry!! I hope yours works out well for you!