My new bag, please help

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  1. I received a beautiful 07 cafe city today, but I look so silly as it is too big. My coworkers make fun and say I look like I am carrying luggage.

    I know small stature women do carry the city, but do you feel like the bag is wearing you instead of you wearing the bag?

    I feel sick. I have wanted this for quite a while and now I hate it.
  2. Post pictures and let us see, but I think the City looks good on all sizes.
  3. I don't even think Citys are even that big. Are these female coworkers that are saying it looks like a luggage. I know some of my male friends make fun of how my bags look like bowling bags b/c it's so big. Maybe you just need to break it in so it's slouchier looking. How tall are you?
  4. Yeah, I would like to see modelling pics.
  5. I just switched my bags a few minutes ago. I put all my necessities into a City and I was just thinking that it is really too small for me. I'm not a huge person, average height.
    Are you sure your bag is a City?
    It's really not a large bag. What do you usually carry?
  6. I've seen really tiny girls carrying weekenders and they look great!!! I am sure you look ok with the city. Can you post pics???
  7. *Hugs* I'm sorry they were mean to you. I'm sure you'll grow to love your bag again, hopefully with the help of us here. Please ignore anyone who makes you feel bad like that.
  8. I am 5' on a good day. Yes, the two are men and are giving me heck all the time. I ordered a Chloe paddy and sent it back for the same reasons. I was told it looked silly with the lock hanging off of it.

    I am just upset because I can't send this back as I bought it off of eBay. It is beautiful, brand new and I will take it home tonight and tell myself that I don't look like I am carrying luggage.
  9. They sound like bullies. Please, ignore them. I can't see how a soft luscious city could ever look like luggage. Also they clearly have no idea of style - the Paddy was an instant hit when it came out, everyone loves the lock, it's lasting the test of time, too. They really don't know what they're talking about.
  10. :confused1: I can never imagine city will look like a luggage....
    Sometimes, I even think is too small for me. I'm not a tall girl, I'm only 5'5.

    Why you have to care what people think? I ignore what people think~ I just goes with what I love :p
  11. MORE LEATHER TO LOVE:tender: post some pix........
    the bigger the bag, the smaller you look!!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. Goodness - I could never pack enough even for an overnight stay into a city!

    They are just being silly and may not realise that you are taking them seriously. Either that or they are trying to undermine you. Don't let them win.

    It is only a medium sized bag. You could carry something bigger and even that wouldn't look like luggage. There are lots of posts of people, and not all of them are tall, carrying enormous bags on here and looking and feeling great.

    PS - I have never ever cared what a man said or thought about me unless he showed an unusually high level of taste and intelligence himself. It doesn't sound like these men have either or they wouldn't talk to you like that.

    I bet that they are actually really fascinated by your height, because it is distinctive and eye catching, and are trying to get your attention with the teasing without letting you know that it matters to them.
  13. These are men who leave the toilet seat up on purpose
    just to hear me scream.

    Because I have boobs I am the token maid. I know, just don't clean up after them, but if I don't then I can't use the bathroom.

    You're right, I shouldn't let it bother me, but we are three in this office and have worked together almost 10 years, we are family by default.

    Thanks for listening to me be a :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:.
  14. You should laugh it off...didn't little boys ever pull your hair to get a reaction?? :whistle: :feminist:

    Take a look at the all the tiny celebrities carrying City bags...and looking smashing. I am envious of the way the their bags look. I am 5'5" and I'm thinking of getting a Work because the City looks and feels kind of small for me.
  15. 10 years - cheeky things - in that case you can totally ignore them - as if they were naughty little brothers.