My NEW BAG!!!! Pictures!! =)

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  1. I just got all four of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I guess my bf felt bad for me and decided to cheer me up.....








    This choice of material and light gold wouldn't have been my first choice, I probably wouldn't even have looked twice in store! But surprisingly I really love it! The sateen just glows compared to normal jacquard.

    Yet.. no matter how much I like it I'm afraid this ones gotta go back to the store for an exchange... here is why :sad: :
  2. [​IMG]
    glue residue(?) near the stop stitching across the bag

    Looks like more glue on the bottom of the bag (it doesnt rub off)

    Some spots on the handle

    Looks like the metallic is starting to chip on the handle! :tdown:

    Arrrgh .. I guess thats too bad! I really like this bag in this combo, but it almost looks plastic-y. I'm hoping theres still other colours in the leather handle/trim with the khaki sateen at my local store !!!
  3. That's some BF, hope you heal up well and quickly! Enjoy your new's GORGEOUS!!!
  4. Sorry about having your wisdom teeth out (ouch) and sorry that the bag is peeling! You do have a sweet BF though. Hope you find something perfect to replace the bag! :smile:
  5. Your boyfreind sounds like he is a 'keeper'!
    Sorry about your wisdom teeth having to come out.
    Hope that you are feeling better soon and can exchange your purse for one that is in perfect condition.

    Love your orange kitty, I have one too!
    Why is it that cats are drawn to Coach shopping bags?
  6. I love your new Carly. Too bad it has some defects. Definitely bring it back to the store for exchange. The BF is keeper.
  7. You've very pretty and it didn't look like your wisdoms came out. I remember having my wisdoms out.

    That's too bad the bag didn't work out but it looked very nice on you. If there is still the black leather Carly with the silver hardware (the gold hardware is gone) and you won't have to worry about fraying. I couldn't believe all that glue residue and chipping was already happening. Definitely take it back.
  8. i'm surprised you're not sporting the chipmunk face after having four wisdoms out at once! i was suffering like crazy after only having two out and eventually have to deal with getting the other two done! which i'm procrastinating, of course. ;)

    your bf is so sweet and you look absolutely gorgeous! :heart: i love orange cats too! i used to feed an orange cat in my neighbourhood for 11 years! i think i have a pic of us 12 years ago... his name was mao. :love:

    you should definitely return that bag... hope you'll find a perfect one!

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  9. :tup: Well, besides the flaws its looks really wonderful on you! You're so adorable! Hope you feel better...I had 5 wisdom teeth and had them all removed and know its NOT up!
  10. Feel better! The bag is gorgeous on you & what a sweet boyfriend. Let us know what you exchanged for!
  11. Sorry you have to exchange, but I bet youll come back with something great! That carly did look amazing on you though! I love the color combo.
  12. well and hope the pain goes away. I have all my wisdom teeth extracted too.

    Your bf is such a DARLING! Keep the BF but exchange the bag, sorry you have to return it, it is such a beauty, agree with you that the sheen is very pretty and beats the normal fabric finish hands down; pity abt the defects tho. :hugs:
  13. ooooo I love that color combination on that carly, it looks gorgeous on you! That was sweet of him to get that for you! congrats!
  14. What a sweet BF! That is a pretty color combo, but I don't blame you for wanting to take it back and get something else!
  15. Awww, you're BF is so sweet for wanting to make you feel better. I hope you have a quick recovery - your cheeks don't look too swollen at all! Sorry about all the defects, that's just not right at all, hopefully you find the perfect bag and share with us what you've exchanged! =)