My new bag nowhere here???

  1. I just got turned onto Chanel a few weeks ago and got myself a black bag that I could wear a long time. Then decided I needed a summer bag. Didn't want white/beige or pink or bright yellow. The SA shows me this tote. The color says mint green and I love greens. (photos look whiter but it's pale mint green and in some light looks pale blue green.) It's comfortable to wear and casual looking but did I buy some old stock cuz I don't see it anywhere on the threads. I have ten days to return it just in case. I'm posting a photo of both bags to show THE FAMILY. :drool: I'd love some opinions. thanks.
    color.jpg leather.jpg together.jpg
  2. Both are BEAUTIFUL! :heart:
  3. Gorgeous, congratulations rosehair!!! :yahoo: Your new bag is the medallion tote :yes:
  4. Love those!! They are both so pretty!!
  5. IIRC, I think someone heard that one of the boutiques was selling a mint green tote but that was awhile ago. I would die to have one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool: :drool:

    This bag won't be the end and I already love your two bags!
  6. Beautiful. I think its the medallion tote. Both gorgeous!
  7. i absolutely love the medallion tote. good choice, would love the see the color in person
  8. Lovely
  9. I've never seen the green, it sure purrrrtttty!
  10. I own the Medallion Tote and I love it. :yes:

    There are tons of threads about the bag. Do a search!
  11. Great bags. :smile: Congratulations. I plan on owning a Medallion tote myself someday.
  12. Wowza! What a great color!
  13. WOW.
    I LOVE that color!!
    And your black flap with new chain is a beauty too.
  14. the hint of green is absolutely beautiful! congrats!!
  15. The bags are gorgeous. I would love to see that mint green in person. What a wonderful color for the season.