My new Bag (new to Gucci)

  1. Does anyone know what the heck this style is called? Or does Gucci even have official names for their bags? I really love this style especially the long strap. I can't tell you how practical this bag is especially if you have kids that you need to hold all the time. Anyhow, had to share, I am in :love:
  2. I LOVE IT!!!! Its a great size and I think the length of the strap is wonderful. I have no idea what it is called...hmmm....PERFECT!!!
  3. congrats! that bag is fabulous!
  4. That bag is soooo hot!
  5. Gorgeous on you! Congrats!!! Have no idea what the bag is called, and who cares, it is TDF - lol
  6. its really pretty!
  7. Love love love it!
  8. What a unique style! Congrats! I do not know what it is called.
  9. love it! I have the brown guccima leather one and it is lovely. The only thing is I c an't use the messenger strap since it is too long for me.
  10. I love that style! Wow, GREAT bag!!
  11. I just bought this bag too!!!! I love it! looks awesome on you!!!
  12. Nice Bag :smile:
  13. Thanks everyone :smile: I guess I should have mentioned I am almost 5'8" and yeah, the strap would be long if you were smaller. But that's what sold me on it, since I am on the taller side, its hard for me to find the perfect cross body type bag. I blame this impulse purchase on the darn strap!
  14. its s000 pretty!!!! i think jessica alba has a very similar bag.. congrats! :smile:
  15. Congrats, Mammab!

    How funny...I purchased a Gucci bag (well, two) on Sunday and am trying to decide if they are me...I saw a gal trying the bag you purchased out in the boutique and thought it looked quite interesting/functional.