My new bag - Neverfull MM picture

  1. My daughter sitting next to my Neverfull MM. Notice how I tie the knot on the side of the bag to keep it from sliding.
    LV neverfull MM.jpg
  2. How cute!
  3. Your little girl is too cute! Congrats on your new Neverfull!
  4. Congrats!! Your daughter is beautiful.
  5. Congrats on the new bag! :smile:
  6. congrats! your daughter's very cute.
  7. Congrats:heart:
  8. Nice...congrats!
  9. I was thinking of tying it the same way-but I always have so many things in my bag that I need them untied:rolleyes: Have fun with your bag, it`s really a great one!
  10. Congrats!! Your daughter looks so cute...
  11. cute!
  12. congrats!!
  13. Congrats! Very cute pic!
  14. Aaaw so cute
  15. Lovely!