My new bag is HOT HOT HOT!

  1. Guess what arrived today...!!?


    My black mini monogram Besace Mary Kate!!

    My pictures do not do this bag justice. This is my first mini mono piece and I love it!! The style is nice and structured, and I found that even with my stuff inside the open top is not an issue at all because when it's carried across the body, my hip kind of pushes the back portion towards the front portion, kind of closing the bag. I can fit my things nicely inside and it doesn't make the opening wide open either.


    I thought, well, since it's an open top putting my bag down might be an issue since stuff would just slip out...problem solved...this bag can "stand" on its own, even when empty!


    Best of all, this bag is like-new. The gold hardware is still shiny and has minimal surface scratches. The mini mono fabric is in excellent condition and the leather is almost flawless (except for the crease where the adjustment is). The only big flaw is that it smells like my old closet in Hong Kong--yup, moth ball smell--but I blew the inside of my bag with a blow dryer and it smells less repulsive now. Plus, I'm kind of used to that smell anyway.

    I'm so excited!! I'm going to the Calgary Stampede with my friends on Sunday and I'm so excited to be able to take a hands-free LV with me!!

    Modeling pics to follow...
    besace1.jpg besace2.jpg besace3.jpg besace4.jpg
  2. Sorry for the frustrated expressions...I couldn't hold my hand still for the pics and was getting frustrated with the blurry pics. Not to mention it was super hot outside...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'm going to bring my luggage tag in when I pick up my Love 2 tote to get it heatstamped...I'm going to go with D's advice and stamp it grey, because the white monogram is more of a greyish, off-white colour.
    va20.jpg va20b.jpg va20d.jpg
  3. Congrats! And I was expecting to see your new LoVe tote when I opened this thread!

    LOL @ the pissed off look on your face in the first pic!
  4. likey!! Very nice Karman! It looks really great on you. Congrats!!

    P.S. What's the Calgary Stampede?
  5. very nice...congrats!!!
  6. i think you made the wrong decision.... because it should've been mine! :nuts: congrats Karman, it looks great ;)
  7. :tup: Great choice! Looks great on ya!:heart:
  8. It is one cute bag!!Congrats karman
  9. Congrats Karmen, looks great on you.:tup:
  10. Congrats! It sure can hold quite a bit! :tup:
  11. Congrats. It's so beautiful. And haha, thats a cute pissed look you have. ;)
  12. Look so great on you...
  13. lovely bag! i was admiring a couple of mini mono bags in the 2nd hand stores here in hk this afternoon and this was one of them. congratulations!
  14. Congrats .. it looks fab on you .... you know what would look great placed on it ..the LVOE brooch:nuts:
  15. Congrats!