My new bag is here

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  1. So as I mentioned I am sending back my Willis in Pink Scarlet to get something else. Well my something else is the Madison Isabelle in Persimmon. She is just so beautiful and soft. I love it. It reminds me a little of the large Zoe for size. Thanks for looking!
  2. I just got Sophia in persimmon. The leather is TDF isn't it!
  3. I so agree with you on the leather! I love the Sophia in persimmon, that was another bag I really wanted, but I ended with Isabelle instead :smile:
  4. Really pretty!
  5. Nice
  6. That is one beautiful bag! Congrats! Hope you enjoy her!
  7. Very nice congratulations

    Any mod shots
  8. very nice, thanks for sharing.
  9. GREAT!! I'd like to see mod pic as well;)
  10. What a gorgeous color!
  11. what a great fall color! Enjoy
  12. So glad you love her, the color is stunning.....I have been looking at all the reveals of this color and trying to figure if my wardrobe can justify getting one, I love my magenta Isabelle and could easily love another ;)
  13. Such a pretty bag, congrats on getting something you will like. Enjoy
  14. Thanks ladies! I've been looking for a good orange bag for sometime now.
  15. I am so glad you love it!! That color is gorgeous! I was waiting to see what you thought of it. I love my Isabelle and I can't wait to get more!!!

    Again congrats!!