My new bag is here.. **pics**

  1. give me your honest opinion on the Le Confident please. What do you think? Why was I not super crazy about it? Is it too bulky?
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  2. i have a lot more pictures of it.. but thing is.. i feel it not that amazing. Maybe it's not for me? What does everyone think? Should I return/exchange to something else? I waited like days to get it since this is the 4th last in the country, transferred from somewhere else, and I'm a little disappointed somehow :sad:
  3. Oh......i LOVE it !!!
    WOW, it looks FAB, and the interior is so luxurious!
    Congrats !!!!!!!
  4. I think it is an amazing purse, but I see what you mean about bulk. The base is larger than I imagined it would be. Overall it is a stunning bag, but if you are not totally in love I would return it. With that said I would wait until the last minute of the return period to give yourself plenty of time to look it over and try it on at home so that you are certain. Keep us posted!
  5. It's really pretty!
    If you aren't in love with it though, maybe you should get something else? Like the Le Tal perhaps?
  6. I am fairly new to LV but I really like the practicality of that bag.
  7. gorgeous I want it in black but, it is out of my price point right it!
  8. Gorgeous ! the bag is TDF!! :love:
  9. Love it :nuts: And look great on you :smile:
  10. This is by far my favorite of the Le' bags.
  11. It's Gorgeous! But if your not happy you should take it back. And get something else you really love.
  12. I say return it if your not 100% happy with it, I got the ivory Epi was bigger than I expected and def. alot bulky than I wanted to be...but I kept it around in case I changed my mind....
    then I just ended up not returning it b/c so much time have lapsed..
    don't get me wrong, I love the bag, I just wish it was less bulky...

    I seem to swing that thing and hitting everyone and everything in sight. ha ha

    so always stick with your 1st instinct.....
  13. wow, i like it! i was thinking of selling my soufflot and getting this in black but it might be too small...

    it looks good on you though1
  14. Just_Jill, it's not small at all hon, it fits sooo much. I used to have the Soufflot in Black, and in my honest opinion, this one is way more practical and definitely fits a whole lot. I was going to get the new color, but I really like white suhali. I already have white L'Epanoui.

    Maybe I should spend a week or so and take my time to decide before I let go of something so beautiful then regret later on.