My New Bag in Whiskey arrived

  1. I just wanted to share that I received my New Legacy Ali Bag No. 10329
    in whiskey. It is just gorgeous. I am so glad that I got it. It is rather
    heavy and I don't have it filled up. The Legacy leather is the rich heavy
    burnished leather that was the original one which came out last fall. See
    some picture below.
  2. Congrats! :yahoo:
    I really love the Whiskey Legacy Ali bag. :love:
    I hope I would get it soon.
    Enjoy with your new gorgeous Coach bag, LizCordova.
  3. love it, congrats!
  4. Congrats, it's so pretty! Thanks for sharing.
  5. What a great bag! I just got my shoulder bag in Whiskey delivered yesterday. I'd love to get the Ali in Pond if it ever becomes available.
  6. I love the whiskey! Congrats!
  7. Congratulations! It's beautiful!
  8. :yahoo: your going to love it!
  9. Nice, Nice, Nice....Congratulations!
  10. Congratulations and enjoy!