My new bag!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hey everyone!

    I went to Saks today AGAIN (it feels like my second home lately...:nuts:) and found this beauty on the sale table!!!! I have never seen this bag before!!!! The leather is SO thick and SOOOOOOFT (picture #5 shows the leather)!!!! I just love touching it! Does anyone know how old this bag is? What year is it from??? Also, what's its name? The SA said it's called "Monk" (did I spell it right?)??? I was hoping it came in black but it never did (or at least Saks never got it in that color)!

    The sale at Saks is awesome! They're taking an extra 50% off the current sale price!!! The store in Greenwich, CT is going to have a "sidewalk sale" tomorrow, which is supposed to be HUGE!!!!

    Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement!!!! Enjoy the pics!
  2. i like that bag too! they have it at AR on sale as well- 50 or 60% off... its super cute on! If I didnt already overspend I'd jump on that too!

  3. forgot to add I think it is from Spring 06 or Fall 05. check the pockets for the tags- even my non-motorcycle balenciagas have the controllo cards with all the info on them!
  4. That is such a cool bag. I saw it on Ebay and thought it was so unique looking and the leather looked so nice. I believe it is from this year's HOOK line. It's a beauty. Congrats!! Were there any more left??
  5. Oooo! Congrats!! It is a beauty! Glad you got a great deal on it!
  6. That's beautiful! Is it a pebbled leather?
  7. Congratulations!! Wow. I think this might be the first Balenciaga I've ever liked. The leather looks amazing!!
  8. Thank you everyone!!!!
  9. Thank you!

    This one was the last one. But Mocean said that she saw some in AR????
  10. hey likeafeather77 0o0o0o0 it looks so soft and yummy!! congrats on the new bag!!!
  11. Thank you! I believe it's pebbled leather!
  12. Cute bag, love it!
  13. Congrats, its a nice bag:yahoo:
  14. Congrats! You've got a beautiful bag there! Enjoy!