My new bag gave me a sore shoulder...

  1. Hi everyone, I am new to the COACH forum (usually on Louis Vuitton!).

    I was given a Coach bag by a darling friend of mine. I had commented how much I liked her Bleecker Signature Duffle (Style no: 11437) and guess what I got for Christmas from her... The Black Bleecker Signature Duffle... A very generous gift. I love love love the bag but after carrying it for a few days I got a sore shoulder.:crybaby: so I used another bag and it got better. I think it might be from the shoulder strap being so stiff (I have it doubled to use as a shoulder bag), I hold my shoulder weird to keep it on... Or maybe it is too heavy. Do you know... is there a way to soften the doubled leather strap... or can I order a new single strap from Coach?:confused1: I don't want to have to ask her for the receipt to return/exchange it, but I don't want a sore shoulder either. Any suggestions would be great!!

    Thanks for your help!! Looking forward to starting a Coach collection!!!! Sorry for this being so long!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!! :yes:
  2. maybe you can get a belt that matches and cut it and put holes on the other end and attach it to the bag that way. Since you have your bag with you in stores, you can match it up.
  3. Have you tried using the strap 'single', and wearing it across the body? It might relieve your shoulder if you're OK wearing it that way. Good Luck becoming happy with this generous gift!
  4. u can use it as a long strap instead of double strap
  5. I think she wants a shorter strap
  6. I wonder if you take it into a Coach boutique if they can help you out somehow? I have no clue on what you should do. I'm sorry that your friend's gift isn't working for you. I hope you can figure something out.
  7. I tried the single strap across the body but it just isn't me!

    I was thinking maybe if I took it to a leather repair person, they could make the double srtap into a single one by cutting the middle out and having it attach to both ends... or would people then assume the bag is fake? I am going to try and call the Coach 1-888 # tomorrow at work and see if I can order a single strap.

    Thanks for all of your replies!!! :smile:
  8. I might just try that!!!:tup: That is a really good idea!!!! I think I will call Coach on the 1-888 # first and see what they day!

    Thanks for the idea!!:yahoo:
  9. Your welcome ! I would look in the mens or even boys formal wear like at khols or another dept store
  10. Oooooh, Hyacinth has a great idea for anyone who has issues with straps on Coach bags. It will cause less damage to the original Coach bag/strap. I wouldn't want to alter anything on the original bag/strap if I can avoid it. I may have to try this out on some of my own bags.
  11. Great idea! And it doesn't alter the bag in any way...

    Do you mind my asking...Is it a large bleecker duffle or the medium one? And can your friend adopt me as her friend? What a great friend to give a bleecker bag for a present!

  12. It is the medium bleecker duffle! :yahoo:

    Thanks, she is a wonderful friend... we have been good friends since we were 7 (and I am not going to say how many years now... lets just say a few years have passed hahaha!):supacool:

    I think I might try that strap cover!!:yes: