My new bag - East West Shimmy in Straw!

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  1. I'm regretting sending mine back now!! The hardware on this bag is utterly sublime. I only sent it back as I thought I was getting a Taupe one in its place.

    I saw the new Cerise/Black E/W in Glasgow last week. It's lovely too.

    You really really suit it as well. Love your pics
  2. We saw it irl in Harrods when we went to London in November. DH loved it instantly because he really likes the buckle bits and hardware.

    The main questions with the bag for me are whether its too smart for me and I really wish that the shoulder strap was adjustable.

    I would be more inclined to get the Taupe or Purple although I prefer the smooth leather on the E/W rather than the textured Tumbled Sheep, although I like it on the Hobo.