My new bag, do come look!

  1. This is a belated unveiling, as I had been sick like a dog the last few days. I actually got her on Sunday, I'm so excited to use her.
    kelly 010.jpg
  2. more!!!
  3. I almost did not want to bring her home, when my sa called, I actually rejected her over the phone! I was set on the classic box kelly with GH, you see.

    My sa persisted, she said she especially held it for me, and asked me to at least go take a look at her.

    I agreed, and went down the very next day to the boutique for a viewing, although I had set my mind against her (the bag). I felt it was the least I could do, after she has kept me in her mind. *very touched*
    kelly 012.jpg
  4. Sorry to hear your sick, I am however surprised getting a new H bag didn't snap you right out of whatever illness you have. New handbags are like penicillin to me. - Oh wait, I'm allergic to penicillin - well you know what I mean
  5. The DH and I trotted down to the boutique, where I picked up a scarf that she ordered in for me especially. She brought out this huge box (huge to me, as I've only ever seen scarf boxes.)

    It was shrink wrapped. I began to have this thump thump thump in my heart. Ahh, the bag has not been touched by anyone else.
    new 004.jpg new 006.jpg
  6. That's I just had a flu + running nose, but smartass me wanted to see a doc as I do not want to pass it to any preggies people that I'll be meeting. So the doc gave me antibiotics, which made me develop a fever. GRRR. I spent the last 2 days sleeping.
  7. :woohoo: Let's see it!!!
  8. Ahh. Cool. How sweet that she ordered something especially for you. Cuddle up in it while your sick, maybe it will make you feel better.
  9. see you tried to do something nice and ended up sick. Maybe it was karma bringing you a fab H gift since you were looking out for other people.
  10. Here's the obligatory peek shot.

    When my sa brought her out of the box, my heart was lost. I scrutinised her under the lights, and she was perfect in every way.
    kelly 014.jpg
  11. oh pls......hurry! we're all excited!
  12. come onnnnnn!!
  13. I turned around and said to my DH "I got no willpower."

    So here's the money shot - The Kelly that almost wasn't.

    I also have the tpf sg ladies to thank for their enables and that wicked pic of VB. Thank you ladies, I love this bag!

    I also want to thank my sa and DH.
    kelly 015.jpg
  14. many reveals today!! Could it be a black kelly? Single handle?

  15. Beautiful!!! Congrats! :tup: