My new bag dillema

  1. I liked this bag for a few reasons but i am still undecided about it and may return it. I really wanted the khaki and brown large sig bags, a bigger one but they didn't have any at the outlet i liked so i got this one. I already have a regular duffle with a long strap, black on black signature and it stands up and has a leather bottom and I really didn't want a similar one and i wanted one for the summer. I liked this bag because it had a leather bottom which seemed easier to clean and it wasn't too big or too small and i liked the way it looked at the time. It looks much cuter than this picture IRL, anyway my husband says it looks retro 70's early 80's but I was looking for more classic that won't necessarily go out of style any time soon. Any opinions ? Thanks for your help ! [​IMG]
  2. I think the bag is very nice! The white leather makes it a great spring/summer bag. I do not think it will go out of style or looks retro at all. I think it will be out of rotation for fall and winter, but it looks great and is a good staple for spring/summer. Hope that helps!
  3. Nothing retro about this bag, looks great for spring summer. When I think coach retro, I think about the bags with the laces, or the fringe.
  4. I really like the color combination of Khaki and White. I bought my daughter a demi soft duffe with the regular sized signature with white leather trim and a mini skinny. Love it for summer!

    Didn't you get the matching wristlet as well? I would keep it and enjoy it!
  5. If you love it, keep it! I personally think it's adorable.
  6. my opinion is keep it !

    i love khaki sig & white together, something about them combine makes my heart skip a beat. lol -crazy huh ?

    i do see a small tidbit of retro-isim, from the thick strap. but the bag is still safe for all season (including winter) . i can see you wearing this bag 5 years from now & not looking out dated.

    it's a keeper!
    cha cha
  7. It's a cute bag....I'd keep it!!
  8. I'd keep it, it's STUNNING. (I'm a sucker for a white leather and khaki signature combination.)
  9. That's one beautiful bag!! Like have said, the white and khaki combo is VERY fresh, very springy and summery. Nothing retro about how it looks either. Enjoy!!
  10. Its a great looking bag. I'd keep it.
  11. retro? hmmm, I like it alot! like said before, the white and khaki are so clean looking - great for spring/summer!
  12. Thank you all for your great input ! I decided to keep the bag ! I posted a thank you note in another thread but wanted to post here too in case you all didn't read it.