My New Bag! Cute Pics

  1. Well I broke down and got the Legacy Shoulder Bag in Whiskey!!! I am SO glad I did I have been oogling it since I got it yesterday. Last night I had my Niece over for a Pajama Party (Mom and Dad night out) And I did her hair and makeup (sorta) and she wanted to Model! So here are pics of her showing off her skills with my new bag!



    And here is one I took for my collection shots today.

    :love: the bag :love::love::love:my neice
  2. Adorable niece! Such cute pics. I love this bag, just started using it on Christmas. It's the perfect size for my stuff and I love the color.
  3. Looks like you got a gorgeous bag! You won't regret it. It's a wonderful bag! Enjoy!

    Your niece is adorable!
  4. Love the bag!! Congratulations on the new purchase!

    Your niece looks good with Coach! LOL... I keep trying to get my oldest niece (12) into handbags, but so far it hasn't worked! Well... I guess when I have to start buying them both expensive bags I will probably rethink my logic! ;)
  5. omg, totally adorable pics! you're niece is such a cute model!
  6. Thanks Guys!:love:

    She has naturally CURLY CURLY hair which is to die for, but she always wants me to straighten it so last night I did it for her. I really hope she appreciates the curls as she gets older. Oh and the bags! Im sure she will be handed down some.
  7. Don't know which it cuter!
  8. ur niece is sooo cute!! And that bag is like half of her haha, but its very cute, CONGRATS
  9. kiari,

    Thats sooooooo adorable !! your a naughty aunt because your teaching her coach addiction . lol !

    Your Fan,
    cha cha
  10. Your neice is so cute! Congrats on the new bag it's gorgeous!
  11. Aww that is too cute! The bag is twice her size, haha! I'm glad to hear its a perfect size for you, it makes me want it even more now.
  12. Cute pics! The bag is just gorgeous, congrats :nuts:
  13. I love this bag! She looks so cute with it on!
  14. Awww, cute pictures! I love the bag!
  15. she is such a doll!

    great bag, i got it a few months ago, finally used to the scuffs!