My new bag ... can't wait

  1. Oh I am sooo happy ... I spotted this beauty and have wanted it for ages. let-trade allowed me to pu 10% down and pay the rest in a couple of weeks ... they are soooo great ... I just love this bag and this colour. I got ot for about $435 shipped

  2. Kimmi, that bag is so cute!!!:tender: You will DEFINITELY need a bigger bed now!!!:lol:
  3. OMG, its totally gorgeous kimmi!
    Such a good price aswell!
  4. Very cute!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering when someone was going to snatch that up! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5.'s cute kimmi..I think you need another bed to start over
  6. aww, that's a cute bag. Congrats:yes:
  7. I normally don't like this line, but this one really is a beauty. Congrats & enjoy!
  8. LOL thanks all , I had my eye on it ... did anyone here get the pink trapeze let-trade was selling in PM it was a great price too.

    I know I probably do need a bigger bed I have a trapeze GM coming end of the month from a lovely PF member aswell.

    I soo needs to stop ... but I do have my eye on the new inclusions in purple and the new fall range with the little bell boy on ... whats that line called again
  9. its gorgeous, i love the color combo!
  10. The Groom line :graucho:
  11. Very cute, congrats!

  12. yes thats it .. the groom line its so cute ... i would love an address book from that line :graucho:
  13. oh, thats the cuttest little bag,congrats!:yes:
  14. Awesome deal on it too !
  15. Congrats! It's cute!:heart:
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