My new bag arrived today... Derek Lam Hildegard!!!

  1. Derek Lam Hildegard hobo in Chocolate Brown, my 1st bag of 2008. Originally $1,800. Scored it at Barneys for $449 :yahoo::yahoo:

    I'm in LOVE with it!! :love:
  2. wow! what a score!
  3. wow looks great on you! :smile:
  4. Nice!!!
  5. Wow.. that is an insane price!!! I love this bag, but always found it was too expensive! What a great deal! !!!
  6. Oooh, I'm soo jealous over here ... that bag is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on finding such a fabulous deal!
  7. that bag looks GREAT on you!!! love the flats too!!
  8. SCORE! SCORE! SCORE! Do you sense someone super jealous over here? :graucho: It looks amazing!
  9. What an amazing deal! Was it from Barney's NY?! :-o
  10. Yup :yes: I did a charge send from the Beverly Hills store.
  11. WOW!!! what a GREAT bag and what an AMAZING price!!! congrats!!!
  12. Wow, it makes me want to run to Barney's right away! I didn't realize they were featuring deals this sweet at the moment.
  13. I know I said this in another thread when you mentioned you got this bag for that price, but I gotta say it again: I am sooooo envious! I have always admired that bag, but the price was too much for me. LOVE IT!
  14. What a gorgeous bag with a incredible deal! Congratulation!!!