My new bag and more!

  1. Hi everyone!

    To be honest, I've never been into Coach. For some reason, I never loved their bags. But lately, I'm completely in love! LOL

    So, here are a few pieces that I got within the last month:

    (1) Medium Ergo Tote in Khaki / Brown. I got it at Nordstrom for $165!!!! I think it's an awesome deal!

    (2) Ergo Make-up Case. I think it matches the tote perfectly!!!! :tup:

    (3) Soho Mini Wallet in Black. Got it for $80 at an outlet when I was on vacation in Maine. I had a huge wallet before and I just wanted something smaller and simpler, so I sold that wallet and bought this one.

    (4) Red Apple Charm / Keychain. My sister got it at an outlet for me (she's becoming obsessed with Coach, too!...LOL). I took the key ring off of it and put it on that "chain" that holds the tag. I think it looks very cute!!! Plus, the stitching inside the bag matches the leaves! What do you think? ;)

    (5) And, finally, my brand new Breast Cancer Charm. I was checking all the stores in the area through Coach website this past Friday night and none of them had it (I didn't feel like getting it from the website and paying shipping). I gave it another try on Saturday morning and the store closest to me had it! YAY! I snatched it as fast as I could! LOL The charm is shown on my LV Epi Speedy and then alone.

    Thank you very much for letting me share!

    Coach Ergo Tote.JPG Coach Ergo Tote + Make-up Case + Wallet.JPG Epi Speedy + Coach Breast Cancer Charm.jpg Coach Breast Cancer Charm.jpg
  2. great buys...i love the charm on your black speedy!!!
    i have the bc charm as well and proudly display it on my new gucci bag!!!
    enjoy all your purchases!!!:heart:
  3. Great things!!! :tup: I especially love that ergo.. great deal!!! :yes:
  4. I LOVE the ergo too, along w/ the rest of your collection!!! GREAT picks!!! ENJOY!!!!
  5. Thank you for your kind words, everyone!
  6. Great buys!! The bc charm looks so good on your speedy!!
  7. I love that charm on your speedy!! Congratulations on your goodies!
  8. Wow, what a haul...congrats!!
  9. Love the apple! Wish I was closer to an outlet...
  10. Oooo....great finds!!!!! I LOVE your Ergo bag and accessories!!!!!! That keyfob is soooo cute!!!!! Congrats and thanks for posting!:smile:
  11. Wow you really got a great deal on the tote. They are still selling them here for $243.
  12. Love your Coach!Great buys!Congrats!
  13. I too fell in love with the ergo's when I saw them @ Nordstrom. I got the lg. black on black ergo for $300 and camel leather lg. ergo for $285. They are gorgeous! Luv your brown ergo. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Thanks everyone!!!!
  15. This is only the beginning!!! soon, your addiction will grow.... you will need one bag after another.... :drool:

    I mean, lovely just lovely! :p