my NEW bag and I'm so EXCITED!! plus some extras!!

  1. okay so I did take back the slim carly in parchment and took the large carly in angora back to get............................the khaki/chocolate large carly to match my BEAUTIFUL limited edition khaki/brown/pink wallet. I'M SO EXCITED!!

    I also scooped up some perfume and the cutest keyfob.........all on PCE.

    I got the key/lock keyfob that matches perfectly to my old heart keyfob!!


    choccarly.jpg hearts.jpg
  2. Very cute, congrats and enjoy!
  3. Love the keyfob
  4. Your new bag looks great with the wallet. The new keychain is really cute!
  5. That is a gorgeous bag! The combination of the bag and the wallet is just so on. Congrats!
  6. Congratulations and love the color combo. Can you order the wallet now through the stores?
  7. So cute- congrats
  8. That looks great!!!! :love::love::love::girlsigh::yes:
  9. how much was that keyfob? it is part of the new set? -must have missed it... really CUTE!!
  10. OMG!!!!! AMAZING!!! Congrats!!!!
  11. very cute !
  12. I love that bag/wallet combo. and I saw that keyfob w/the hanging hearts and key at the store yesterday - its really adorable. Congrats!
  13. :tup:So cute!!! I love the combo
  14. I love it! That's a great combination!!
  15. HOT bag.. Love the charms...
    How much was the heat lock, and are you still able to order it ?