My new bag and belt :-)

  1. A visit to the Gucci Sloane in London, and this is what I bought:


  2. Well done Dorf, you are on such a Gucci roll :tup:
  3. Terrific new additions!! I definitely want to see pics of your entire collection.
  4. You're on a Gucci kick! I loooooove Guccissima leather. Very nice!
  5. Someone caught the gucci virus! :lol:
    Congrats to your new additions!
  6. Yeah, thanks! It has been some stuff lately, but now my collecton is complete. At least for a while ;)
  7. Thanks. Well, my long and closely scheduled Gucci Collection has come to the end. At least for this time ;)
    -I now have all the bags on my wish list. 2 different set with bags, belts, and wallets. One for brown shoes/belts, and one for black shoes/belsts. What I miss in my collection is a passport cover, a small pc-case, a 6 key holder and maby another belt in black with the GG buckle. But that must be another time!
  8. Great collection! I've never seen anyone build a Gucci collection so quickly! Nicely done!
  9. That's so handsome and discreetly luxurious looking!
    Have you found the merchandise selection very different in London?

  10. Great haul :smile: love the belt and the diamante bag!!
  11. Thanks. I have sold a lot of bags, belts and wallets recently, so the money burned in my pocket ;)

    The Sloane flagship store is one of the main Gucci stores in the world (the SA told me). The Sloane store was the only Gucci store in London that had this paricular Diamante line in stock. As far as I could notice, they did also had quite good range of rolling luggage and suitcases. A wide selection of clothes was also available. There was one belt I wanted to take a closer look at that they didn't have in stock, and that surprised me a bit since I saw that belt at the small Gucci branch at Selfridges earlier the same day. The locale is very roomy and airy, and the interior is standard Gucci (luxurious, sophisticated and stylish in warm brown and gold tones). The facade didn't impress me much though.. -It's difficult to change grey concrete to Gold ;)
    Thanks a lot!
  12. are really eating up gucci lol...Congrats!
  13. :smile:
  14. Is it necessary to treat the leather on this bag with some kind of protection products?
  15. I wouldn't find it necessary although I've heard that many people on here use Appleguard (I think that's only for vachetta on LV bags though)