my new bag and a question

  1. I have gotten my new bag yesterday -- the grey white trotter romantique.

    but i have mixed feelings over this bag cos the word 'Dior' is off centered on the heart. Pls see pic. I dunno whether this is done on purpose or it is a so-called defect. Would you consider this as a defect?

    anyway, these are the pics i took. Sorry about the blurry pics. My house has too many warm lights.:-
  2. If your not happy with it, do exchange it. You paid full price, you should get a perfect bag. :smile:
  3. Congrats! It's really pretty! If your not happy though, exchange it. You might just be able to twist it to the other side so its center?
  4. Unless it is visually really off-centered to you. In visual graphics classes, when it comes to typography, some alphabets are tweeked to certain centers due to its weight distributions in a word. In your case, the "D" being so big, the Dior will look weird is it is centered on the "i" and "o".

    It is all about spacing and letter kerning. Google typography, you will find out more info.
  5. it does seem a bit off centered now ... i think the line between D and i should be in the very middle check those out ...send it back and tell them to make sure they send u a perfect one ! :yes:
    sweettrotter.JPG trotter pouch.JPG trottermirror.JPG
  6. Exchange it, or just bring it back and say you want the lock replaced! I think the SA will swap this lock with another from another grey Trotter Romantique bag.

    By the way, your bag is AWESOME! That beautiful baby gray is SO nice!!!!
  7. your bag is beautiful!
  8. Congratulations on the beautiful bag. I'd take back the lock and just exchange it.
  9. this bag is so cute, I want one. see if the store has any more. do a comparison and pick the bag which looks the best. congrats it sure is lovely.
  10. hope you dont mind but how much did it cost you?
  11. It's really pretty!Congratulations!it's very beautiful!
  12. thanks, everyone.

    I never have a Dior bag before, I hope the boutique will really exchange one if the bag is defective. The receipt indicated "no exchange or refund".

    The heart cannot be taken out from the bag. This is not a lock, unlike the beige/ brown version.

    chercherry, I bought this in singapore. Cost me SGD1530... which is about USD1k.
  13. I think the boutique will exchange it-it is a beautiful bag!
  14. It's very pretty! If you don't like, exchange or return it.
  15. congrats orangetree!!!

    i'm so happy you got the bag you wanted and it's really beautiful!

    it doesn't look quite off-centre to me, but if it bothers you, bring it back for an exchange, just tell any of the dior SAs and i'm sure they'll be fine with exchanging. just be firm about it and if push comes to shove, ask to see the manager.

    when my gold gaucho broke after less than a week, i had it brought back to dior (at taka) and they offered me the option of an exchange or store credit (after my mom had a talk with the store manager), so i'm sure you can bring it back and ask for an exchange. :yes: