My New Badgley Mischka Eyeglasses- pics!

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  1. *wavess*

    So since the new year i've been looking for a second pair of eyeglasses that are fun & quirky but also high fashion/sophisticated looking.. In January i ordered a pair of Prada's quickly sent them back as they were too heavy+large and slide right off my face!

    I discovered a neat independently owned eyeglass shop locally (Chevy Chase Opticians in Annapolis, MD) that carried more unusual high end designer eyeglasses and fell in love with these Badgley Mischka frames immediately!

    Just wanted to share with everyone, took lots of pics as soon as i got home :O)




    Hope you don't mind the silliness, heh:heart:

    And oneeee more cause it's cute.. starring my Maltese, Cupcake!:love:

  2. Those look great on you, and your Maltese is adorable!
  3. those are fantastic! most designer glasses rhinestones are too much for me...but those are perfect! they totally go with your style (which looks awesome!)
  4. Zophie- Thank you! Your maltese is super cute, too! (and makes mine look like a total fatty, which he is, hahah) What's your baby's name? :O)

    mcflutter- Thanks so much:heart: I must admit i'm a fan of the sparkly and girly, and the sides of these are really what sold me.. there's not many frames in this style that could also be described as girly, you know?
  5. Lovely!! They really suit you. And the rhinestone detail is awesome, I'd totally wear them. Congrats!!
  6. GORGEOUS!! I love how you find things that complement your style so fine! :supacool:
  7. LOVE these! I didn't even know badgley mischka did eyewear!
  8. you look great sammydoll - I always think of you as a "naughty librarian" :lol:... cute, quiet, clever with a vaaaaaaary cheeky streak LOL
  9. SSSSSSssshhhhhhhhHHhh! This is a quiet.. i mean.. uhh.. child friendly forum! Don't reveal all my secrets!:Push:;)

    Thanks everyone!!
  10. very neat, you look great.
  11. Very cute! They look good on you!
  12. I like them!

    Like you, I've been searching for a backup pair of glasses for a while now...ever since my FI SAT on my backup pair and snapped them in half. Glasses are definitely really hard to find!

    Yours looks great on you! Congrats!
  13. They are so cute! I love the sparkly.
  14. You are completely adorable, those look absolutely beautiful on you !
  15. suli, lamiss- local girliesss, thank you! :smile:)

    romina- That's very sweet of you:heart:3