My New Baby

  1. Here's my latest Precious Baby :love:.
    --A 32cm Etoupe HAC in Coromendal leather--

    I was up to my neck at work the other day when THE CALL came.

    It was my friendly SA!!!!! She told me she had a 32cm Etoupe HAC and asked if I was interested. Is she kidding?? Of course I was! Told her I would go the next day (went with DH, who said "yes") and TADAH!! --- Here she is


    Picture taken indoors with natural daylight.
    Notice the grain that runs down the middle of the bag that comes from the back of the animal.


    Picture taken by the poolside (late afternoon). With my also newly acquired Ulysee. For all who know my story with the Ulysee.... well, it went back into the box after this picture :p.


    Picture taken in the night.

    And last but not least, here's a picture of my H bags family :party:.

  2. Wow, Tricia! Gorgeous new baby and gorgeous collection!!
  3. Tricia Congrats!!!!! Lovely collection
  4. Congrats! You have a gorgeous, gorgeous collection.
  5. Gorgeous HAC!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: And I love your H collection!!!:love:

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. WOW Fantastic addition to your adorable collection.
  7. Hi Tricia, what is that cadena hanging on your Kelly? I can't figure out what it is...:shame:
  8. It's the hippo :love:.
  9. oh...i see it now, thanks! I'm looking at the hippo's belly...:p
  10. What a great family you have got the croc what size is that..:confused1:
  11. OMG I love HAC's and the color major druelage here:drool: and look at that croc birkin:drool: :drool:
  12. show off the color of it well!!!
  13. congratulations.
    just an aside - you have a remarkably well-balanced, diverse collection.
  14. Love your new Birkin ! And your collection is perfection !
  15. It's a 30cm.