My new baby

  1. I got it today. I'm so excited. Just wanted to share.:yahoo:
  2. Congratulations! What did you get?
  3. Which bag is that?so cute!!LOves!
  4. my "baby" purse :nuts:
  5. it is called: Sac Class Rabat. I also have the matching earrings. Look! :shame:
  6. Thats a beautiful bag, haven't seen that one b-4!
  7. I'm a "magnet" to hard to find handbags :shame: lucky me!:p
  8. How big is it??
  9. Its so adorable!! Congratulations!
  10. This is so cute! And I love the earrings too! Congratulations!
  11. 13 inches across, 81/2 inches high when the flap is closed and roughly 2 inches across depending on what is inside. :graucho:
  12. That is such a great bag - I love the closure!
  13. Post a modeling pic!!!!
  14. Very cute bag...Looks like a great bag for evenings..Enjoy it!!! YES MODEL IT PLEASE
  15. Wow...the bag is so cute! and i love the earrings! Are they expensive??