My new baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. here it is ladies!!!!!!:rolleyes:
    my new baby!!! the stephen monogram cuir embossed in ivory!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
    had to turn the denim raye gm(loved the charms not the bag)...this is more me!!:graucho::heart:
    sorry abt the bad photos. was tryin to capture the texture of bag!!
    you just have to see it IRL!!! absolutely gorgeousssssssss!!!:nuts:
  2. Oh congrats its gorgeous!!!! :biggrin:
  3. congrats!!! the colour is so pretty :yes: :love:
  4. So pretty! Congrats and enjoy that baby!!
  5. WOW! Be still my beating heart...that bag is f-ing GORGEOUS!!!!! (and I don't use terms like that often!) Drop dead gorgeous!
  6. Gorgeous.
  7. You made an excellent choice! Stunning! Love it! Thanks for sharing!:love:
  8. Lucky girl! Absolutely stunning!
  9. Congrats! That bag is absolutely beautiful.
  10. omg... Beautiful....:love:

    congrats!!!:yes: :yes: :yes:
  11. WOW! That is a hot bag! Congrats!
  12. :yahoo:Congrats!!!:yahoo:
    :nuts: Very very beautiful! :drool:
  13. Lovely.
  14. Congrats. It is stunning.
  15. It's beautiful! I'd love to have one...

    Can you please post a photo with you on it?

    And what's your height?