My new "baby"


Here is my new baby, a sparkle tweed Alexa. I'm a Bayswater girl, but saw this and fell in love. she isn't a work horse like the bays. She's an out for lunch with the girls and date night with the hubby bag!

Bought her is SM when I was home visiting family and she was on the damaged table due to small amount of colour transfer, and that's the only reason she's there. I'm shocked that Mulberry took her back for that reason. I got her for 278 pounds (my U.S computer doesn't have the pound sign!).

I need a black Alexa now!
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Jan 2, 2010
An amazing price and she is gorgeous. Your bag will carry through really well to the spring summer season too as she will look ace in the sunshine. All sparkly and special! Congrats and enjoy! xx