My new baby

  1. Bought the MJ Mia Satchel today. My first big-time purchase and it is just a lovely, lovely bag. I took a photo with my camera phone.
    Mia (2).jpg
  2. WOO-HOO! You go girl..I am sooo proud of you..sniff..hugs....
  3. Congrats! I love that color! Wow so rich! Enjoy it.
  4. :love: Love That Color.Congratulations!
  5. That is GORGEOUS! Way to go!!
  6. What color is that?
  7. It didn't have the tag...but I called it nutmeg. It's brown. It's my camera phone....not very good camera.
  8. Maybe this will be larger.
    Photo_061506_002 (3).jpg
  9. In my acceptance speech, I gave you full credit.
  10. ^LOL!

    It's beautiful!
  11. :smile: VERY nice coachwife6, such an excellent choice! Enjoy it well...:biggrin:
  12. great choice coachwife. I heart the Mia satchels, functional and beautiful
  13. Congratulations! It's a gorgeous and functional bag!
  14. Coachwife6, congrats on your 1st big-time purchase. =)
    Great choice of color too, I like Nutmeg more than this season's Whiskey. Jill & I were right about the gold hardwares blending in well this leather color & style right? =)
  15. Thanks BL and sick4marc....was waiting for you both to check in and give your opinion. The gold was nice...not too garish. My cousin's wife bought the MJ sporty tote and it was just as nice as the mia. gorgeous bags. Thanks for the nice words. :smile: