My new baby

  1. :heart:[​IMG]I absolutely adore this purse. Inside, I'm carrying my Coach Sunglasses w/case, my new Bleeker checkbook wallet and a small coach coin purse. At lunch, I may have a new toy...I saw something at the Macy's near my office that I just may not be able to resist if it's still there today. Will update you in an hour or so - wish me luck!
  2. looooove it. you can fit so much inside the totes. i have my whole life in mine at the moment, haha! can't wait to check back & see the new addition ;)
  3. I love that bag too! Congrats and I can't wait too see what you get!
  4. congrats :tup:
  5. Great Choice! This bag seems to be really popular aroud here lately!! Enjoy!
  6. Congrats on the tote! I saw this at my outlet the other day but couldn't buy it yet due to funds. :crybaby:

    I hope they still have it next week sometime! It's gorgeous!
  7. Cute tote!! Love your username, too!!! Good luck!
  8. I saw that at the outlets a couple weeks ago. It is such a classy looking bag.
  9. I went to the Coach store with the intent of purchasing the new, gorgeous Geranium/Brass Madeline Leather Tote and matching French Purse.

    I have been dreaming about this purse for the past two weeks! And I finally decided today would be the day..........but then I "tried it on" and I must say it's just too big for me. I'm so sad :sad:

    Why can't they make it in the smaller size like they do the signature??? Here I sit, deflated...It's an absolutely beautiful purse - the leather is divine - the color so rich and inviting - but when I put it on my arm, it just overwhelmed my frame.
  10. Love your tote!!
  11. Congrat's on your gallery tote. I also saw the Madeline today and thought it was big too (well at least for me).
  12. Oooh I have this bag too!!! I got mine on New Years Day and just stopped carrying it last week. Its a wonderful bag. I love the patent, especially in deep, rich colors like this mahogany. Enjoy it!
  13. I love that bag! So rich looking. Yum!!!
  14. I love your new bag.. the color is very pretty!!
  15. That's a great looking bag..Congrats!