My New Baby!

  1. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wlae:

    Well, I always said that I didn't like the mini lin line and when I saw the cruise speedies I didn't care for them..... UNTILLLLLL I saw one IRL! It was sooo cute I had to take it home :love:

    I can't have her until Christmas though :sad: I can't wait to carry it!!

    I've attached a picture of my beautiful Mini Lin Croisette Speedy in Red! Sorry, the picture is poor quality (I took it with my cell)...
  2. OMG Scarlett I love it.... those Speedys are SO cute! I am glad you got one. Have you tried it on?
  3. I love the Mini Lin Croisette collection! Beautiful bag Scarlett! Christmas will be here soon, but are you sure you can't "sneak" her out at least once?
  4. it's gorgeous, congrats!
  5. LOL! Once I got her home, I carried her around the house! :lol:

    She's wrapped up now though =(

    I'll take modeling pics after Christmas, I'm getting a digital camera so the pics will be soooo much better

    Thanks everyone, only you guys understand the excitement that comes with a new bag :love:
  6. Congrats!!
  7. Oohhh, she is a beauty ... :drool:

  8. Congrats !!! I love it !!! little month before modelling pics ;) ???
  9. Ha,,I have the same one in blue color, But i dont have the chance to wear it around...:hysteric:
  10. Very nice, Congrats!!!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Gorgous! Congrats! I love this line!
  13. Aww, why not?

    I'm already planning outfits to go with it! I'm such a dork lol

    I'm dying for the matching charm too haha
  14. Congrats! There's a sassiness about her!
  15. Congrats!