My new baby

  1. I want to thank all my friends here on the purse forum. If it hadn't been for you I would not have known about the private sale and I wouldn't have purchased this gorgeous new bag...I absolutely LOVE her!! Thanks for once again fueling my addiction!! :rolleyes:
    New Burberry Crossbody 002.jpg New Burberry Crossbody 003.jpg New Burberry Crossbody 004.jpg
  2. i love it!
  3. Cute and love the color.:tup:
  4. Wow it is very cute.
  5. Thank you! I've been using her for a week now and love her...she's perfect for me :supacool:
  6. That's so cute! I didn't see that here! Congrats!
  7. Lovely Burberry! Congrats!
  8. cute! Congrats!
  9. Thanks for all the Congrats. I love this bag and get compliments on it all the time. However, I did just get my first LV this weekend in Boston...but I'm not allowed to open it until Christmas :yucky: