My new baby!!

  1. Hey guys, it's been ages.. it's so good to be back!! And I have a new baby to show off, LOL.. she's a 30 black togo birkin with pall hw, and she's a shooting star..

    Here she is on her own.. and together with her other siblings.. :love:
    CIMG1145.JPG CIMG1149.JPG
  2. What an absolute beauty! Enjoy her!
  3. CONGRATS Sarah!!!! It's great to have you back!:yahoo: I would buy a shooting star Birkin, I think the stamp is sooo pretty, and if the price is good, why not?
  4. Hi Sarahcantik, you've been gone for ages! What a beauty. Your black Birkin will be a workhorse, that's for sure. Love your collection! The colors are fabulous!
  5. Hi Duna! It's so good to be back... geez, I've been looking at the threads that I've missed and drooling over the new bags that I haven't seen.. I can't believe I've been MIA for sooo long..

    This is my first shooting star bag. And yes, the price is def cheaper. There were 2 identical black togo birkins at the shop, one is a normal one and one is this one (the shooting star). The star one is cheaper and after some thinking I decided to get the star one (for financial sake, LOL!)..
  6. Nice to see you back!! Congratulations on your new bag, its beautiful.
    and the family photo is just lovely, too.
    Is that thalassa blue box???
  7. Hey birkingal... i missed you too.. I missed everybody!!!

    This black birkin will def be a workhorse, in fact.. I'm planning on using it today!

  8. Yup! that is is a thalassa blue box birkin 30... ain't she pretty :love: She's my fav!
  9. CONGRATS for the black Birkin :wlae:
  10. Hey haven't seen you for a while. How have you been?

  11. It's so good to have you back, my fellow Thalassa sister ;) Yup, I definitely need a black Birkin. Ooooh, you're bad for my depleted bank account.
  12. *waving* Hi Sarah welcome back.

    Congrats on the new black 30.

    Your thal blue 30 is my fave too :tup:
  13. Hi Queenie and Handybags... missed u guys!!

    Birkingal my thalassa twin sistah, u def need a black birkin on your wardrobe *wink*... let the hunt begin!
  14. It's beautiful !!! what a classic beauty !!! Congrats !!!!!

    (PS I love your pink kelly too!!!)
  15. ooh...that's so lovely!
    may I know where can I see a shooting star stamp?
    Tried the reference thread but I am not good at this.
    can u kindly post one close-up here?