my new baby!

  1. Hi all,
    thanks for the post here about bloomingdales F&F discount, i got a good deal on the dkny bag ive been eyeing for a while!=) Its no fancy designer bag, but im in LOVE with this bag! ...and excited to figuring out how to share pix for the first time! the leather is so buttery soft, and i adore the rich color and all the details=)
  2. Congrats!
  3. Congrats! Its a great looking bag, love the color!
  4. Pretty bag! It looks great on you!
  5. Veru nice! Congrats and enjoy your new bag!
  6. great color!! Love it!
  7. very nice, congrats! And the discount makes it especially sweet!
  8. Very nice design! Looks very roomy and soft!
  9. I am liking it! it is a rich brown color and it looks so comfy!
  10. I love the color of this bag. Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous bag!
  12. congrats - i like the color a lot!
  13. Great color and good looking bag! Congrats, and enjoy! :P
  14. very nice! congrats!