My new baby...

  1. Hello everyone!

    After thinking about it for a LOOOOOOOONG time, I decided to buy the Perforated Pochette Accessory! I just can't believe how pretty it is! I always wanted a pochette, so now I have one!

    Actually, when I was buying it, I looked at 4 different pochettes - perforated ones in pink and green, regular one, and the one with chains/plastic. First of all, I am a big fan of pink, so the green was out right then and there (I guess I just wanted to look at the color in person...pretty but not for me). Second, the one with chains looked very cheap and plastic-y (I know some of you love it but I did not like it at all...I hope I am not offending anybody). It looked very trendy and I wanted something that would last long. So, that one was out. And finally, the regular pochette looked SO boring next to the perforated one! I couldn't believe how much more fun the perf. one was! So, I decided to go with the perf. pochette in pink! I love it! :love: :love: :love: I haven't been this excited about a bag in a long time! Yay! And I hope this high lasts a long time because I won't be able to afford another designer bag for a while! Oh, well...

    I asked the SA if she thought the bag was more classic or trendy and she said both. I agree but I think this one is more on the classic side. The only trend is the color (well, and the perforations, too, which don't count cause I love them!, which I love and have lots of in my wardrobe! So, for me, this bag will always be a classic!

    I took a lot of pictures of it. I wanted to show you all the details, which make this bag so much fun! I hope you enjoy them! Sorry this was so long! :smile:

    (picture 1) Pochette with LV bag, box, and all tags
    (picture 2) Pochette itself
    (picture 3) The inside of the bag
    (picture 4) The inside pocket
    (picture 5) The outside pocket
    (picture 6) The lock :love:
    (picture 7) The leather tab
    (picture 8) The back of the bag

    P.S. The SA told me that the Perforated Line is NOT limited edition. It is going to be around for a while. Marc Jacobs might have something similar in mind for the Fall/Winter collection. I learned something new today!
  2. Congrats!!! Pretty.
  3. Very nice! Congratulations!!!!

  4. very cute, congrats!
  5. Daz a beautiful pochette. Congrats.
  6. cute!
  7. I like ... I have a couple of perf. items in fuschia. Love them, and I think they will be missed when the line is discontinued.
  8. thanks for sharing! and congrats on your new purchase :smile:
    i really like the perforated pochette it's such a nice twist on the pochette :smile: enjoy your new bag!
  9. its a cutie!
  10. congratulations on your purchase, its lovely! The pink is very nice!
  11. Great pics! Grats!
  12. Thank you for all your nice comments!

    Yes, I will def. miss this line when it is discontinued.
  13. Very nice! I just love the little lock! The pink is fantastic! Congrats!
  14. Cute bag! Nice pics!
  15. Nice pics. Congrats on your new LV baby! I like the inside pocket, too. Enjoy.