My new baby! yeah!! *PICS*

  1. I’ve been eyeing this wallet for a long long time. I just love the color and the cute little embossed icons on it. :love: What concerns me is the size. I like big wallets that can fit in my whole life. I am a rational buyer; this tiny wallet is not practical at all. But, I made an exception for this beauty. IT IS MINE!! :yahoo: Oh, she is so fine. And now I have a good excuse to get a card holder.:P
    Dcp_5949.jpg Dcp_5950.jpg
  2. ^VERY PRETTY COLOR! congrats!
  3. Very cute, practical and in a great color (very easy to find at the bottom of a big bag). Congratulations!
  4. Wow, that is a gorgeous color!! Congrats!
  5. beautiful wallet! congrats!!
  6. OMG, that is gorgeous. Congrats!
  7. Pretty color. Congratulations.:smile:
  8. love the embossed leather. As for the size, just tell yourself that anything that doesn't fit in there, you don't need.:graucho: Good way to downsize those Seinfeld-sized wallets!
  9. That is simply divine. Can someone tell me the style number of this wallet and how much is it running for? I am wondering whether there are other colors in this pattern?? I NEED ONE!!!
  10. Congratulations! I love that wallet and the color! I am not sure of the style number, but it came in pink (I have it but have been afraid to use it), an olivey-lime green, black, I think beige,; and I have seen it in stores recently in silver and gold. It is from the precious symbols collection and is lambskin.
  11. VERY nice!:heart:
  12. [​IMG]
    I found a black one with SILVER interior online that is (note:I borrowed this pic from someone else). Now I just have to find the style number and WHO HAS IT!!!:graucho:
  13. nice nice.. love the color
    would never loose it in the bottom of your bag
  14. That is the cutest wallet ever! :smile:
  15. congratulations.. very very nice!