my new baby!! (to stave me over till my next LV in december)

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  1. So it's been long debated. I wasn't sure if wanted a wallet or a ZCP or even a 4 key holder!! I wanted something cute, functional and on the cheaper side, so I can save my way to my next big purchase in December. That ruled out a wallet, because in the end, the Sarah is definetly the one I wanted next, but the price range was a bit too high for me. I was not sure how much I could use the ZCP for the time being, and the 4 key holder was nice, but probably not a purchase I wanted to make just yet (future purchases for sure though!).

    I got her on Wednesday, took a few pictures that night, then another few pictures yesterday with some natural light...

    Any guesses? :biggrin:

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  2. Yay let's see it!
  3. Ooohh I want to see open up
  4. Yay a reveal! :Partyhat:
  5. some more teaser shots! this should be easy!! ;)

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  6. Red emilie wallet?
  7. Oooh, let's see!
  8. ta-da! here she is!! I was on the clubhouse for agenda owners and a lot mentioned they use them as wallets, which i thought was PERFECT!! I'm old school for always writing things down and already have an agenda of sorts, so I decided to class it up :yahoo:

    The only thing to do was to choose between RF and amarante... and I finally went for RF. I figured they are both such BEAUTIFUL colors, I could always get the amarante in something else later on and still be quiet content with my choice!!

    here are some pictures in natural light...

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  9. I'm so glad you went for the agenda! I use mine as a wallet too! Very useful buy.
  10. It's so gorgeous great choice congrats :biggrin:
  11. Gorgeous~!! Congrats~!!
  12. Gorgeous! You made a great choice re: colour... Amarante is gorgeous, but shows fingerprints badly on SLGs. Rouge Fauviste is so luscious!
  13. A shot of the interior with the LV refills - which I debated as well, but they are REALLY nice quality refills, so I figured I might as well. I just can't use them yet because they are 2011 :sad:

    In the meantime I'm using some old sanrio refills lol. Also a picture of it with my ipod touch so those interested in the PM size have more of an idea of size reference :smile:

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  14. I shall continue the photo expose on the clubhouse!! Thanks for joining me in my reveal everyone!! I just love her!! :biggrin:
  15. nice! love the color!!