My new "baby" *swoon*

  1. I know many think the Baguettes are passé, but I had been looking for this tapestry baguette for six years. I have seen them on eBay three times and I decided this time I was going to buy it.

    I received it last Friday. :love:

  2. Definitely not passe. It is a timeless beauty! Congrats & enjoy!
  3. the beading is very intracite, its a stunning bag, congratulations on the purchase!
  4. ohhh very pretty!! congrats!

    and I'm glad you got it!
  5. Holy cow that is beautiful!

    Do you mind me asking the $?
    Purely for research purposes you understand!
  6. OMG!!! That is such a beauty!!! Congrats!!!
  7. Wow! What a beautiful bag, I've always love the shape of the baguette.
  8. I can see why you've been searching for it for 6 years! It's beautiful! Congrats!
  9. Love it a lot!! Congrats!!!!!
  10. Love love love:love: this baguette! It's stunning ... definitely a classic!
  11. I paid just a tiny bit over $1000 for it. These particular bags were made in very limited quantities (and apparently took a very long time to produce by hand) from what I understand - and originally retailed for $2800. They were sold in 2000ish and there were wait lists to get one. I remember seeing them on the arms of a lot of celebs during the baguette craze. I remember Heather Locklear had one and so did Madonna. (I wish I had saved the pics!)

    I got this one on eBay from Decades2 which is an upscale consignment place in Los Angeles. I have purchased things from them before as well. Including this bag, I have seen this bag exactly three times on eBay since 2000.

    I know there were more facts about this bag but I've forgotten them- perhaps a baguette expert will know more.

    The strap matches the turquoise reptile on the buckle and the inside is lined with apple green silk satin.
    I have no idea if I will ever carry this bag or just hold it and drool. :love:
  12. Roo, that is one gorgeous bag! you scored BIG!
  13. Wonderful beaded embroidery! Congratulations, this is an art piece!
  14. GORGEOUS!!!!:love:
  15. Wow, thanks for the background. I think I'll have to put that one on my dream list too...
    As superqueen says, it's more like art than a bag, so if you sit there and drool over it I would certainly understand.
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