My new baby...NOT on my wishlist...introducing MISS MIDNIGHT GGH!!!

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  1. Hellooooo ladies!!!!

    Well, I have been lusting after an envelope clutch for some time now, and I was really set on getting a black one with GGH. But then, I saw this BEAUTY on ebay, and I fell in love! I love the combination of the deep rich blue leather with the GGH!!!! I also think this color combination is more special and exciting, and I can still imagine wearing it with many different outfits. I am so excited! What do you guys think???

    Presenting MISS MIDNIGHT...:yahoo:

  3. Swoon!

    Absolutely gorgeous. Congrats!
  4. Gorgeous combo and look at that leather! Congrats :tup:
  5. Gorgeous! The leather looks yummy!
  6. :faint: That is enough to make me swoon! I just can't get over some of the beautiful leathers that I have been seeing lately.... I love your new clutch. Love, love, love it!!!
  7. OMG it's so lush! I love it, I'm always so unsure about purchasing luxury off ebay.
  8. WHOA! Jealous! I am definitely loving this combo... congratulations!
  9. Beautiful, congrats!
  10. Yummy!
  11. Aww thanks! The leather on this baby is amazing!!
  12. Gorgeous gorgeous leather!! Congrats!
  13. Very pretty! :tup:
  14. Amazing leather! This color is such a chameleon, works well with so many colors. Congrats!