My new baby.... & Mono Rivets bag

  1. I got a voicemail today that a bag I waitlisted was in but the message didn't say which I went tonight after work to see what it was and it was my Azur Speedy 25 :yahoo:

    While there I saw the white leather Rivets bag ($3300) and asked the SA if they had the Mono Rivets... he said BRB and came from the back room with the bag! OMG it looks soo cute IRL! I was soo tired I didn't think to take a pic with my camera phone. I didn't even ask about any of the other new bags, or really wander around the store to check out what else they had as I was totally exhausted and it was about time for the mall to close. The only things I noticed were some cute pairs of leather ballet-type flats (pink, brown and another color). They also had the Azur Pampellone PM and Denim Cruise Cabas Raye.

    Anyway I gave my CC info to hold the Mono Rivets as the store cannot actually sell them until Feb 14th. When I walked out of the store I realized I must be going nuts as I really don't need any more bags... Well I'm going to sleep on it and give it some though, I can always cancel. I just hate seeing something limited edition and not getting it while the store actually has it, then regretting it later down the road...will keep you ladies posted.;)

    Anyway here is my Azur Speedy 25 pictured my Saleya PM

  2. Beautiful bags!!! Congratulations. I got an Azur Speedy 30 this past Sunday too!!
  3. Congrats!!! :yahoo:

    I REALLLLY do hope you get the Lambskin Rivets bag!!! :nuts:
  4. So beautiful! Congratulations!!
  5. Wow... congrats!!!
  6. congrats
  7. Congrats on your Azur Speedy 30! My store said they haven't received any shipments of the 30 in a few weeks.
  8. Both azur bags are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats & let us know which bag/bags you get. I really like the mono rivet from looking at pics.
  9. I'm so excited for the mono rivets!! I can't wait until 2/14!
  10. Simply StUnnIng!!
  11. ohhh... the Speedy is a beauty!! I wish my 30 would hurry up and get in!!!
  12. Lucky you! Congrats!
  13. They r beautiful:love: Congrats!
  14. Congratulations!!
  15. loooooove azur :biggrin: