My new Baby/Mini Argent Paddington

  1. Well ladies, she's just arrived - tell me what you think!
    1_wm.jpg 2_wm.jpg 3_wm.jpg 4_wm.jpg 5_wm.jpg
  2. More pics
    6_wm.jpg 7_wm.jpg 8_wm.jpg 9_wm.jpg 10_wm.jpg
  3. Please excuse the messy room in the background :shame:
    11.jpg 14_wm.jpg 15_wm.jpg 13_wm.jpg
  4. Beautiful! I have one of the same color, except in the regular satchel size. Great bag!
  5. Thanks Berlyn!

    I LOVE that I'm not paranoid about scratches because the silver hardware seems less prone? Time will tell...
  6. :yahoo: Congrats Bella!
    I think it's a beauty: I love that color and it looks roomy enough. Enjoy it!
  7. I do think silver hardware is much more scratch resistant :tup:
  8. :drool: Cherie, that is one gorgeous bag!!!
    Finally you found a baby Paddy!

    Hope this time you are gonna use her :smile:

    Congrat hun! :heart:
  9. ^^^ Thanks Aki!

    I've posted this in the authenticate this thread but no-one seems to know - my serial tag has some blocks in it and I wondered if this was normal for the 07's?
  10. Another great buy, bella! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I don't know how you do it!!!
  11. Congrats! I'm in love with the argent paddy..:drool:
  12. she is soooo beautiful. i sent my mini paddy back since i kept the regular size buy my heart has been longing to replace her!
  13. That is gorgeous! I :heart: it :tup:
  14. So you decided on Argent!!! I'm still deciding on a color, now I might have to add Argent to my list! Gorgeous!! Congrats!
  15. congrats!! I love it. and there are serial numbers w/ the blocks... I've seen them on 06 paddys too.