1. Hi, I just purchased LV Suhali Geranium Le Fabuleux. My seller is also our fellow tPFer :love: She's very nice, give me great price :tup: I never keen Suhali Geranium before until I receive my new baby.

    I'm a little sad when received it without box but I hope to purchase her another LV so she'll be able to send me box of this Suhali along with my next purchase from her.

    Pic of my new baby:


    and her sistas:
  2. wow, nice! congrats!
  3. wow, congrats!
  4. Great bag!! Congrats!!:tup:
  5. Beautiful color!
  6. Beautiful bag!! Congratulations! I love the Le Fab!!!
  7. Gorgeous! I love your Le Fab triplets hehe. Great Suhali collection!
  8. Wow, the color is so stunning .... congrats.

    Your whole Suhali collection is 2DIE4! :drool:
  9. Great Suhali collection and love the new addition!
  10. Beautiful ! You have great taste, i love your bags
  11. Lucky you :drool: Congrats :woohoo:
  12. that is the HOTTEST bag EVER!
  13. The girls are gorgeous! Congratulations!
  14. Congratulations it is lovely.
  15. Love Geranium ! :smile: Congrats!